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Small Mahjong Accessory Bag large enough to hold the Oversized League Cards & Other Mahjongg Accessories. Great Mah Jongg Gift.

Small Mahjong Accessory Bag large enough to hold the Oversized League Cards & Other Mahjongg Accessories. Great Mah Jongg Gift.

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Embrace Mahjong Elegance with the Petite Square Mahjong Accessory Bag!


Step into the world of Mahjong with style and sophistication through our charming Small Square Mahjong Accessory Bag. Crafted to capture the essence of the renewed "it" game that has united friends and families across generations, this accessory bag is the perfect addition to your Mahjong collection.


Key Features:


🀄 Mahj On, in Style: Celebrate the timeless tradition of Mah Jongg with our meticulously designed accessory bag. Embellished with the iconic Crack, Bam, Dot symbols, this bag exudes cultural significance and contemporary flair.


🀄 For the Essential Extras: Every avid Mahjongg player knows that the game is more than just tiles; it's about the cherished accessories, notebooks, koozies, and, of course, the treasured National Mah Jongg League cards, shufflers, pens, and more. Our accessory bag provides a compact yet stylish home for these essentials.


🀄 Thoughtful Gift Choice: The Small Square Mahjong Accessory Bag is an exquisite gift option for game nights, Mahjong parties, birthdays, holidays, housewarmings, or any occasion celebrating the Mahjong enthusiasts and learners in your life. This bag is an elegant addition to any Mah Jongg set.


🀄 Durable Craftsmanship: Constructed from 100% Polyester, this accessory bag retains its shape and appearance without requiring ironing. The zipper closure ensures your accessories remain securely stowed.


🀄 Practical Design Elements: The bag's flat corners, non-woven white or black laminate interior, and petite size (8.35" x 5.98") are tailored for functional ease, providing a stylish solution to keep your essentials organized.


🀄 Proudly Assembled in the USA: We prioritize quality and integrity, assembling each accessory bag in the USA from globally sourced parts.


Make your Mahjong moments even more memorable with the Small Square Mahjong Accessory Bag. Whether you're a seasoned player or a novice learner, this bag speaks to the heart of the Mahjong experience.


Material: 100% Polyester

Additional Features: Retains Shape, No Wrinkling or Ironing Needed, Flat Corners, Non-Woven White or Black Laminate Interior

Size: Small 8.35" x 5.98"

Proudly Assembled in the USA


Elevate your Mahjong game, express your appreciation for the game's rich heritage, and honor its legacy in style. The Small Square Mahjong Accessory Bag awaits you.

Length, in 8.35
Height , in 5.98


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