About Us

In a world where time for hobbies and fun is sometimes hard to carve out, we look for every opportunity to spread the JOY and SMILES.


  • We have been blessed with the most amazing friends (old and new), mentors and advisors who have supported us by offering input as we built our business- they have helped with our mission to share smiles & tiles with the world and inclusively grow the MJ community.
  • We hope to be a part of spreading all the benefits this game offers its players- we count MJ as self-care and think everyone needs a little more of that these days!! We are about positivity- life is too short to not focus on JOY! 
  • Leisure time is precious. Our products, our brand and our philosophy centers around helping our customers celebrate the Mahjong experience and make connections that add vibrancy and joy to their daily lives! 


  • We dove into this business HEART first. Lifelong creators working in the corporate world, hobbies keep us sane.  As our love of MJ grew, we began in the accessory side of things with coasters/tumblers/wine glasses/notebooks/bags, mostly to gift to friends in our own regular games and casual trainings. 
  • Our game-change moment came when a trusted friend made a comment at our weekly game- wondering why we couldn't create tiles too... the timing came at a personal time when honoring a loved one with a project kick-started the rapid design of the first version of The Southwest Series. It wasn't intended to be Southwest themed... the design just came out and almost formed itself in honor of a beloved grandmother (I think this happens when you lead with the heart!). And thus, our destination lineup idea and our first "creative" Series was born. Together with our BrainTrust friends, we have gotten to work to bring you our form of joy. 
  • As we landed on the destination lineup approach for our tile sets, we decided to use our desire to honor this game to take that to another layer- honoring special places and regions by using the Jokers as opportunities to pay homage and respect to those places and cultures. Every ounce of this process is filled with love of family, deep meaning and cultural celebration in several forms. 


  • We have a deep appreciation for the origins of the game of Mahjong, including the many ways it is spelled and played throughout the world. We value honoring cultures/traditions and celebrating differences while always seeking to learn and understand. It is partially for this reason that we fell in love with the game of Mahjong- a game so culturally powerful and wonderful, it has stood the test of time and spread and evolved to bring its benefits to different cultures worldwide. China gave the world an amazing gift with this centuries-old game, continuing to bring generations, friends and families together in community and fun. It is so much more than a game... it is about connection, family, lifelong learning and keeping culture alive. And while we do push some creative boundaries with our designs, we will always strive to be a connector to the origins of this game and hope you will all join us with this attitude of honor.
  • When we teach, we always like to start by showing and learning the traditional Chinese characters first, as we believe these are the foundation from which you can then play on all sorts of colorful and creative sets (for example, we place our traditional mini travel tiles sitting on top of the corresponding larger creative tiles to start with any new players). 
  • The game came to us personally through the American Mah Jongg rules built by the incredible women of the National Mah Jongg League. They developed the American Mah Jongg form of play and were instrumental in spreading this game to America starting in the early and mid 1900s. Our initial sets are structured for American Mahjong play leveraging the NMJL card.
  • We are passionate about learning and supporting the many forms of play from Hong Kong, Riichi and, of course, the original form of play from China. We hope to honor and celebrate the game by always seeking to learn and taking opportunities to appreciate.  


  • We design ourselves in-house with input and brainstorming help from friends, neighbors, family and trusted acquaintances and advisors to make sure we hit the right mark. 
  • Through our design process, we consulted with friends and business associates in and from China to see how our designs and changes landed with them. With their trusted feedback, we made a few tweaks along the way and have been honored with their support. Our artistic leaps come from a place of honor and love of this game and wanting to invest our own skills and passions to it, so we needed to make sure that we got it right. We could never dream to improve upon the beautiful iconography and sets that are available today- there is no replacing the traditional symbolism- it is THE timeless and honored classic.
  • For the Southwest Series, we also had another cultural opportunity because in seeking to honor the American Southwest as a region, we wanted to honor the Native Americans and the influence on the region overall. We consulted with a Tribe leader responsible for culture within her tribe as part of our process. She has knowledge of general native iconography across many different tribes and offered her advice to ensure that the native symbolism you see in our Southwest Series (primarily in the Jokers) hit the mark of appreciation and celebration. We swapped 2 original designs through that process and hope you love where we landed with our southwest inspired imagery. 


  • We see our customers and affiliates as partners and welcome you to give us ideas and feedback as we grow to make sure we get this right- we may not always be in a position to act on it, but we deeply value your input.
MFM aims to bring light and delight to your game, friends and family.
Sending you Smiles and Joy!
My Fair Mahjong
~Delivering Smiles, Obsessed with Tiles~