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Mahjong Sticky Note Pads (Set of 4) | Gift, Prize or Favor | Game, Party or Tournament

Mahjong Sticky Note Pads (Set of 4) | Gift, Prize or Favor | Game, Party or Tournament

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🀄 Introducing Our Mahjong Sticky Note Pad, Set of 4.  

Capture your thoughts with a touch of Mahjong charm using our delightful Mahjong Sticky Note Pads. These adhesive gems bring together functionality and personalized flair with vibrant pink, green and blue dots around the border and "Crack, Bam, Dot" written across the top. Whether you're jotting down game scores, quick reminders, or letting your creativity flow, these sticky notes are the perfect companions for turning the ordinary into the extraordinary.

🀄 Simple Sizing:

Our Mahjong Graphic Note Pads are 3"x3" and easily fit in your accessory bag on game night.

🀄 Adhesive Excellence, Stain-Free Convenience:

These sticky notes adhere securely and peel off seamlessly without leaving any unsightly residue behind. They're engineered for efficiency, allowing you to organize your ideas worry-free.

🀄 Great Gifts or Prizes for Game Nights or Tournaments:

Perfect for MAHJ game nights, parties, or Mahjong Tournaments, these notepads make fantastic gifts, party favors, or prizes. The colorful and bright Mahjong design on each sticky note adds a captivating visual element to any environment.

🀄 Thoughtful Details:

Each BIC® Mahjong Graphic Sticky Note Pads includes 25 sheets, and each bundle comes with 4 note pads. 

Give your note-taking some pizzaz with a touch of Mahjong elegance that goes beyond the ordinary. Our Mahjong Graphic Post-It Note Pads celebrate the convergence of creativity and functionality, offering a space where your ideas shine amidst the backdrop of colorful Mahjong dots and designs. From to-do lists to reminders, express yourself with flair using these adhesive wonders that embrace the visual allure of the game.

.: Package of 4 Notepads

.: Dimensions of each notepad: 3" x 3"

.: One printed side, one design on all sheets

.: BIC® 3X3 Sticky Note

.: Each note pad includes 25 sheets


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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

Love the sticky notes.

Ashley S.
The cutest gifts!

I loved the post-it notes and so did the ladies in my group! They were perfect prizes!!