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Mahjong Scoreboard (2 color combos) | Scalloped Dry Erase Board with Stand & Markers

Mahjong Scoreboard (2 color combos) | Scalloped Dry Erase Board with Stand & Markers

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Introducing our dry-erase Mahjong scoreboard in 2 vibrant color combinations: Pink and Orange or Blue and Green, each with a black and a coordinating color dry erase marker. It has scalloped edges and comes with a detachable stand, so you can pull it out during your game, keep score and then snap a picture at the end of the night before erasing and stowing.  Perfectly sized to accompany your league card during cleanup, our Mahjong Scoreboard easily fits in our small accessory bags along with your cards, Tile Takers, markers, extra tiles and dice and more.

We love scalloped edges, so this scoreboard is the perfect accessory to adorn your tablescape, which we hope includes our scalloped mats, tiles, racks and more. 

So how do you keep score? There are table rules, league rules, tournament rules and probably more ways for how to score a mahjong game. Whether you are casual players who simply tally wins/losses or seasoned players who score with points (coins), this scoreboard can accommodate! 

These score keeping dry erase boards are the perfect gift for a game night hostess or prize at an event, tournament or mahjong party! Add some color to the competition, and snag yours today! 



  • IMPORTANT! When opening, there is a protective film on the scoreboard and base stand to protect the acrylic- have fun with the satisfying task of removing this!!
  • Dimensions: (5.3x6.75")- sized perfectly to fit in pockets or pouches with the oversized league card.
  • Materials: Made of high quality acrylic, these scoreboards are durable and perfect for dry-erase markers and erasers.
  • Set includes 1 Mahjong scoreboard, 1 stand and 2 dry erase markers
  • Care: Only use dry erase markers on this product. If the eraser doesn't work, a paper towel should work to remove the dry erase ink.
  • Color combinations: Available in 2 color combinations: Pink/Orange and Blue/Green



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So cute and fun!