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Mahjong Tile Takers (Set of 4) | Fun, Unique Tool to Help Reach Tiles | Great Gift.

Mahjong Tile Takers (Set of 4) | Fun, Unique Tool to Help Reach Tiles | Great Gift.

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Introducing the original, never before seen, My Fair Mahjong Tile Takers.

🀄 NO more Straining your arm to reach when the wall is far from your seat.

🀄 NO more getting out of your chair to lean across the table.

🀄 NO more bugging our friends to help pass a tile for us. 

This set of 4 colorful tile takers comes with 4 colors (pink, blue-green, dark blue and purple) and is a great novelty gift for any mahjong player. After playing a Mahjong game with Tile Takers, you'll never want to play without them again. They are 5 inches in length each and have a smaller diameter than a standard pencil so they fit very comfortably in the hand, and feel fun to hold as you are contemplating your Mahjong hands and waiting to use them to TAKE THOSE TILES! Helpful to reach your tiles, and great as a fidget while waiting for your turn. TWIST it around to take your next tile. 

These have been popular for all Mahjong Players, including those who might have difficulty reaching or straining to reach their tiles. 

The Mahjong Tile Takers- A Great Novelty Gift for Mahjongg Players, Games, Tournaments or any Occasion!

Perfect Novelty gift to add some smiles and fun to every Mahjong game, table, player and party!! Makes a great gift for any hostess, birthday, house warming, holiday, Christmas, Chanukah,  Mahj Party or any occasion! 


Materials and care information: BPA free, made from high quality soft silicone covering a thin metal rod. The silicone is soft and durable. Easily washable, simply wipe with water or wash with dish soap like you would any kitchen utensils. Note that the color can fade over time if left in the sunlight, so make sure you store these in your Mahjong accessory bags.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
A useful novelty!

Easy to drag tiles and reach across the table. New invention, adds
An element of fun.

Donna Eschen
Fabulous gifts

Each product is unique and very well made. Designs are modern and classy. Customer service is great.
I love their Mahjong merchandise.

Elaine Kovner
Gave as gifts to my Mahjong gals

They really liked them. Some of our tables are a little large and it's hard to reach. This will help.

James Dudukovich
Cute quality tiles

Lovely heart felt design, tiles are very well made.

Mary Bailey
Tile takers

Love these little helpers!! Plus, they help me “think” as I fidget with it while studying my tiles!!