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(Coming Soon) The NYC Series | Mahjong for the City that Never Sleeps | American, Riichi, Singaporean

(Coming Soon) The NYC Series | Mahjong for the City that Never Sleeps | American, Riichi, Singaporean

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New York City Mahjong Set of Tiles for American Mah Jongg Riichi Singaporean Game Play colorful Creative Modern

We anticipate the NYC Series to be available in late spring or early summer 2024! Follow us on Instagram (@myfairmahjong) & sign up for our text updates/mailing list to make sure you get notified!  

The NYC Series is inspired by the City that Never Sleeps! Grab that Taxi, Don't miss your Subway Train... You won't want to miss this Mahjong set that has all the iconic NYC symbols honoring the city we all love. From the Empire State Building to Broadway, Brooklyn Bridge to the NYSE, we have packed this set full of the visuals and symbols that make NYC one of a kind. We hope it will make you smile!

🀄WHAT'S IN THE PACKAGE? The My Fair Mahjong NYC Series includes:

  • 1 MFM Bright Red Tile bag so that you can conveniently carry and store your tiles.
  • 1 Yellow Zipper Tassel to add a little pizzaz (make sure to grab your zipper to pull the bag open- the tassel is more decoration and can pull apart if you aren't careful).
  • Card with Basic Instructions, Important Tips and Infographics to help get you started (does not include NMJL card for those playing American style- you'll still need to have your own NMJL cards).
  • 160 Tiles in a bright white acrylic:
    • 36 Dots (Apples- for The Big Apple)
    • 36 Bams (NYC Skyline)
    • 36 Cracks (NYSE inspired coin stacks)
    • 12 Dragons (Bull & Bear & Wall St Subway Mosaic inspired Soap): 4 Red Dragons, 4 Green Dragons, 4 White Dragons/Soaps
    • 16 Winds (Subway Maps): 4 North, 4 East, 4 South, 4 West
    • 8 Flowers (Lady Liberty holding up Firework Flame Flowers)
    • 10 Jokers (10 unique designs that pay respect to the specific destination/region our set honors. For NYC, set includes: Yellow Taxi, Empire State Building, Brooklyn Bridge, LOVE, Pretzel, Coffee & Bagel, Broadway Play, Wollman Rink in Central Park, Turkey Parade Float, Ball Drop on NYE at Times Square).
    • 6 Blanks

🀄TILE DIMENSIONS: 1.5" x 1" x 0.4" (note that each set is hand made, so there can be slight variations in tile size and shape batch to batch)

🀄MATERIALS: Beautiful bright inks on a white acrylic tile. 

🀄CARE OF TILES: Do not submerge tiles in water and keep out of direct sunlight for extended care of the bright colors. If needed, wipe with a wet cloth and dry quickly and completely.

🀄DON'T FORGET YOUR NMJL Card for American Mah-Jongg Play!

🀄DO YOU SELL RACKS & PUSHERS FOR YOUR FULL SIZE TILE SETS LIKE YOU DO FOR THE MINI SERIES? We will, spring 2024. We have colorful, painted, wooden racks with magnetic pushers on the way!! And the colors for all are beautiful and designed to perfectly compliment our tiles and will also be suitable for use with any of your beloved sets you may already have!

🀄DO YOU SELL MATS? We will in March-April 2024!! And they have a little twist you have not yet seen so stay tuned!! 


MFM~ Delivering Smiles, Obsessed with Tiles

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